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About the Ayr-Paris Band

With a group as big as ours there's always something to share.  Check this page for all the goings on around band, and if you have news to report, let us know Watch The Ayr News for band events.

Trophy Winners for 2018

The Ed Brunton Memorial Trophy for most improved Ayr-Paris Junior Band member was presented to Abbey Crocker by past-president Jim Linington. In addition to a trophy, the most imrproved junior band member is presented with a $500 bursary toward attending National Music Camp. 

2018 Scottish Cup Winner

Geoff Adeney (left) was presented with the Ayr Pipe Band (Scotland) Friendship Cup by director Merry Schmidt. It is presented to a senior band member who has shown an interest in improving their performance.

2019 Executive

Back row (l-r): director Dan Kocher, director Irene Schmidt-Adeney, past-president Jim Linington, director Calvin Ostner, director; vice president Dawna Ward. Front row (l-r): treasurer Ruth Ireland, director Merry Schmidt, director; secretary Heidi Ostner, president Greg Stroh. Absent was 2nd vice president Matt Greenberg.

2018 Attendance Award Winners

George Schmidt (left) and Steve Brunton were tied for best attendance  in the Ayr-Paris Band in 2018.

Located in Southern Ontario, Canada, the Band performs in concert and parades at local festivals, churches and remembrance services, and other special events. We also participate in many parades, all over Southwestern Ontario. Our engagement calendar is about 26 per year. The band also performs a series of free concerts every summer in the Ayr Pavilion (see the Schedule).

The Band is made up of members from all walks of life, all age groups and various skill levels.

Members come from towns surrounding Ayr, including Paris, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Drumbo.  Some members have grown up in the band, joining when they were children and now watching their own children learn an instrument.  It's a positive environment for young learners as many of the adults take on the role of mentor/teacher to the Junior band, then as those students become more advanced they help the newer members. 

The Junior Band is a free service which encourages good playing techniques, mentored by senior band members and have several performances through the year. It's not all kids in the Junior group! Adults use it as a place to learn an instrument or to get comfortable with a horn after not playing for a while.  When they're ready, Junior band members are welcomed to the senior group.

The Band is fortunate enough to receive several grants and donations throughout the year, but are mostly self-funded.   Thanks to the help of many volunteers within the band and members families, they manage everything the band wants to do by rolling up sleeves and getting to work.
In 1999, the Band donated $10,000 and raised funds totaling $45,000 for the construction of a Band Pavilion (shown above) in the Village of Ayr, something the band is very proud of. At the Opening Ceremonies for the Pavilion, we hosted the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra from Ayr, Scotland.

Merry Schmidt

Merry (Brunton) Schmidt has been conductor of the Band since 2001 and previously a long-time member of the Band. She grew up just outside of Paris, Ontario at Etonia. She holds her Bachelor of Music Degree from Laurier University, a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from the University of Western Ontario. She is also accomplished on violin and clarinet and teaches music at Cedar Creek School in Ayr. Merry is a member of the K-W Community Orchestra.

Richelle Kocher
Jr. Band Conductor

Richelle Kocher is from Ayr, Ontario.  She has been conductor of the Ayr-Paris Junior Band since 2002 and a member of the Band since 1993. Her educational background includes an Honours Bachelor of Arts, Wilfrid Laurier University; major in English, minor in Music.  She received her Bachelor of Education from Brock University in 2001. Richelle is an Elementary school teacher for the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. She is the recipient of various musical awards and has worked at National Music Camp of Canada during the summer.

Ayr-Paris Band 25-year membership plaque

In memory of Ed Webster (1938-1998) for his 45 years of dedicated band service.

Schmidt, Jim - 1973 Brunton, Ann - 1998  Brown, James - 2012   
Webster, Ed* - 1978  Brunton, Steve - 1998  Kerr, Ron - 2014 
Meggs, Dennis* - 1980   Schmidt, Michael - 1999  Stroh, Greg - 2015 
Cornford, John - 1983  Black, Barbara - 2005  Ostner, Derrick - 2016 
Robertson, Doug - 1987  Clement, Lorna* - 2001  Adeney, Geoff - 2016 
Janzen, Kathleen - 1991  Clement, Keith -- 2002  Kocher, Richelle - 2017 
Schmidt-Adeney, Irene - 1995  Schmidt, Janet - 2003  Berry, Deb - 2018
Schmidt, George - 1996  Schmidt, Merry - 2003  Cain, Beth - 2019  
Brunton, Ed* - 1996  Sippel, John - 2003  Emberson, Lillian - 2019  
Brunton, Jeff - 1996  Ostner, Heidi - 2005  Read, Tim - 2019  

Our 50th Anniversary Celebration

The Ayr-Paris Band held a Tattoo in 2006 to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.  On June 17th, we invited alumni and present band members to join us for an afternoon of food and fun in Ayr, and in the evening everyone is invited to our Musical Tattoo.  Everyone enjoyed three pipe bands, three brass bands, Scottish and North Dumfries Dignitaries, Irish/Scottish Dancers, Singers and Scottish Pipers as we celebrate and have a Twinning with Ayr Scotland. 

On Sunday morning many joined us for an outdoor church service in Centennial Park at the pavilion.  Guest minister is Rev. Doug Willis and music was provided by the Ayr Paris Band and Ayr, Scotland Pipers. 

There are still a few of the anniversary books and CD. Contact Heidi,

Photo Album

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Ayr-Paris Band prior to their first trip to Scotland in 1969

Before the first overseas trip to Scotland -- 1969

Ayr Band Beginners Class -- 1975

Ayr-Paris Band -- 1977

Ayr Paris Band in Drumbo -- 1977

1981 Anniversary Souvenir Sing-Along Book

Anniversary Souvenir Sing-Along Booklet Cover -- 1981


Ayr Paris Band -- Straus Monument in Vienna, 1985

Strauss Monument in Vienna -- 1985


Ayr Paris Band -- in the Rural Ontario Series, Circa 1986

Rural Ontario Scenes -- circa 1985

Ayr-Paris Band -- group photo at the practice hall, circa 1995

At the Practice Hall -- circa 1995

Ayr-Paris Band at the Watson Dam -- June 1997

Watson Dam -- 1997

Ayr-Paris Band

Canadian Embassy in Rome -- 1998

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